Dunedin personal injury lawyer

Dunedin Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by the negligent actions of another, you may very well be entitled to monetary damages, including possible punitive damages. There are many circumstances where the carelessness, recklessness, ignorance, or gross incompetence of another person or business leads to serious injury or even death.  Under Florida law, you are entitled to recover the following types of damages in a personal injury claim or lawsuit:

• Past medical bills
• Future medical expenses
• Past pain and suffering
• Future pain and suffering
• Scarring and/or disfigurement
• Loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life
• Disability
• Loss of wages; past, future, and present
• Loss of consortium by a spouse

Having an experienced Dunedin personal injury lawyer by your side is extremely beneficial when pursuing a personal injury case. Personal Injury lawyers help to recover damages resulting from the negligence of others with intent to make the injured party "whole again". If the incident involved malicious intent or gross negligence, then the injured party may also pursue punitive damages. The Trial Professionals are a team of aggressive Dunedin personal injury lawyers with over 80 years of experience in defending personal injury cases. Our goal with each case is to ensure our client receives every penny they are entitled to, as well as holding the at-fault party fully accountable for their actions.

Please contact the Trial Professionals as soon as possible after your Dunedin accident injury, even if you cannot afford an lawyer. We take each case on a contingent basis, meaning that we do not receive any payment unless your case is successful. In other words: we don't get paid unless you do. Even if you think that your accident was your fault you should still contact a Trial Professional immediately, because there may be laws that you are not aware of that may contribute another party’s negligence to your injuries. Our friendly, sympathetic Dunedin personal injury lawyers will walk you through every step of the process, so that you are informed and feel confident in your case. Ways that The Trial Professionals help our Dunedin accident injury clients include:

Evaluate your case - A Dunedin personal injury lawyer will listen to the specific details if your case to determine if it will hold up in court. If your Trial Professional determines that your case has grounds to stand on, they will represent the case on your behalf.

Assess damages - Your Dunedin Trial Professional will assess the severity of your damages, and determine the best course of action in pursuing compensation. To do so, they must determine who is liable for your injuries. This can be an individual, a business, property owner, insurance company, or even government entity.

Advise you on alternatives - Once your Dunedin personal injury lawyer determines that your case may be successful, they will advise you on how to proceed. Depending on the details of your specific case, this may mean going to court or settling outside of court.

Gather Evidence - We will gather all pertinent evidence related to your case, giving you the best chance of success possible. This includes interviewing witnesses, visiting the scene of the incident, viewing police reports, or viewing surveillance footage. Our Dunedin personal injury lawyers even use private detectives to gather any evidence that may help your case.

Provide full representation - Once the Dunedin personal injury lawyers at The Trial Professionals take you on as a client, we handle every aspect of your case, such as filling out paperwork or filing documents. The Trial Professionals remove stress during this difficult time by acting as a buffer between you and third parties, such as insurance companies or the police, so that you can focus on feeling better.  We will argue your case on your behalf, presenting all evidence possible to prove negligence and to help you receive compensation.

Even an accident that seems minor can have long lasting effects. Injuries that are not apparent at first may manifest days, months, or even years later. The mental and economic effects of an accident can take a toll on yourself and your family’s quality of life. The Dunedin personal injury lawyers at The Trial Professionals treat every client with 100% dedication and focus, and we won't stop until you receive every cent to which you are entitled and all negligent parties are held accountable. Contact a Trial Professional today for a free case evaluation.

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